fsc2secpole (1) pulley


SP9KSP 2.7m Round in Polyester SP9KOL Round 2.7m in Olefin   S9KAC 2.7m Round in Acrylic Canvas SP11KSP 3.5m Round in Polyester S11KAC 3.5m Round Acrylic Canvas



Our Kaprice frame is made from FSC certified, USA Sycamore wood.

Ideal for residential or entry level commercial purposes and for the eco-conscious requiring sustainability of wood resources.

– 3 fabric options, polyester, olefin or acrylic canvas                          
– Full FSC Wooden frame.                              
– Brown resin coloured hub, runner and ferule.                          
– 38mm 2 section pole on the 2.7m                            
– 48mm 2 section pole on the 3.5m                            
– Pulley system                                
– Minimum base 25kg for the 2.7m & 40kg for the 3.5m                        


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