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          SP6SQTPOL 2.0m Square in Olefin S6SQTPAC 2.0m Square in Acrylic Canvas SP9TPP 2.7m Round in Polyester SP9TPOL 2.7m Round in Olefin   S9TPAC 2.7m Round in Acrylic Canvas SP11TPP 3.5m Round in Polyester S11TPAC 3.5m Round in Acrylic Canvas  


Our latest design. Full aluminium frame with stunning stainless steel look.An umbrella at a great price that looks like a million dollars!
– 3 fabric options, polyester, olefin or acrylic canvas                
– Full Aluminium frame with wood inserts where it counts for extra strength            
– Black resin coloured hub, runner and ferule.                
– 38mm pole 2 section on the 2.0m Square and 2.7m Round.              
– 48mm single pole on the 3.5m Round.                  
– Pulley system                      
– Minimum base 25kg                    


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